Halyk Homebank

With Halyk Homebank application, everyone can become a 100% online customer of the bank without visiting a branch: open card, make online installment plan, get issued online loan up to 7,000,000 tenge, pay for services and much more

Top services

  • Instant Halyk Bonus Digital сard opening
  • Online loan up to 7,000,000 tenge
  • Online installment plan for 24 months
  • Online card opening with free delivery
  • Transfers by phone number
  • QR payments and transfers
  • Pay your utility bills without fees
  • More than 6,000 payments with bonuses
  • Halyk Info - your personal assistant

Do all things without visiting the bank

Online products and services

Online registration in Halyk Homebank application

Open the digital card Halyk Bonus Digital without visiting the bank

Withdraw cash without a card

Enable push notifications

Become a 100% online customer

Open a card in Halyk Homebank application

Become our customer with the Halyk Homebank app

Become our customer without visiting the bank

  • Download Halyk Homebank app: Link for Android, link for iPhone.

  • Press "Sign up", go through a video check and take a photo of your ID

  • Done! You have become a customer of Halyk Bank and you can open bank products, make payments with bonuses without fees and transfer funds.