With Homebank application, everyone can become a 100% online customer of the bank without visiting a branch: open card, make online installment plan, get issued online loan up to 6,000,000 tenge, pay for services and much more

Top services

  • Online card opening with free delivery
  • Online loan up to 6,000,000 tenge
  • Online installment plan for 24 months
  • Instant virtual card opening
  • Transfers by phone number
  • Transfers to the global cards
  • QR payments and transfers
  • More than 5,000 payments with bonuses
  • Halyk Info - your personal assistant

Do all things without visiting the bank

Online products and services

Online registration in Homebank application

Open the card without visiting the bank

Withdraw cash without a card

Enable push notifications

Become a 100% online customer

Open a card in Homebank application

Become our customer with the Homebank app

Become our customer without visiting the bank

  • Download Homebank app: Link for Android, link for iPhone.

  • Press "Sign up", go through a video check and take a photo of your ID

  • Done! You have become a customer of Halyk Bank and you can open bank products, make payments with bonuses without fees and transfer funds.

  • All bank products became available after registration. Go to the Menu

  • Click "Open Card", select a card and specify the city and delivery method

  • The card is issued instantly in the system; it can already be used to receive transfers, payments with a smartphone and all Homebank services without commissions with bonuses