What is Halyk Club?

Thousands of bonuses every day

Halyk Club

Halyk Club is the largest network of partners where Halyk Bank customers can earn bonuses, pay with bonuses and make installments purchases.

We already have more than 22,000 points where bonuses are awarded, and more than 10,000 points for installment purchases.

Get bonuses for every purchase

* Current bonus amount to be checked with Halyk Club Partner
** Excluding payments for foreign transactions, including payments on foreign websites and in the network of Halyk Club partners with a permanent bonus

Pay for purchases with bonuses

Pay with bonuses for purchases and services, fully or partially, in the network of more than 22,000 points of Halyk Club partners.

Pay for utilities, mobile communications, Internet and other services in Homebank.

Make installment purchases

With Halyk Light card, you can use 4-month installment without interest and overpayment in the network of more than 10,000 points of program partners.

For purchases with Halyk Light card not in the network of partners (in any other POS terminal), the installment of 4% is also valid but with a monthly fee of 1%.


Procedure for calculating bonuses