LSPP Payout from UAPF
Apply for LSPP Payout from UAPF online
Online 24/7 in the Halyk Homebank App
For housing improvement purposes
Safe boxes
Rent from 1 month to a year
Tariffs from 3 500 tenge
Modern security systems
Protect your savings
Invest in precious metals
Buy and sell gold
Metal account
0 tenge No fees
Maximum protection
Minimum lot 1 ounce
Transfer agent services
Affordable rates
Wide network across the country
Reliable and stable transfer agent
Cash services
Transfer efficiency
Security of operations
Flexible tariff policy
100% Bonuses for Paying Your Utility Bill
100% Bonuses for Paying Your Utility Bill
Period of Drawings from 8 March 2021 until 30 May 2021