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Get an online loan in 3 steps!

STEP 1 - download the Homebank mobile application (ios, android)
STEP 2 - register with Homebank
STEP 3 - get an online loan in 5 minutes anywhere in the world 7 days a week

Maximum loan amount
Maximum loan term
Off for life insurance

Refinance loans raised with second-tier banks

How to repay a loan

1. The monthly payment amount is debited automatically from the Halyk Bank card on the payment date according to the schedule

Halyk Bank card replenishment methods:

  • Transfer money  from account or card of Halyk Bank in Homebank (ios, android)
  • Transfer money from a card of another bank
  • Deposit cash in Halyk Bank payment terminals
  • Deposit cash in Halyk Bank CASH-IN ATMs
  • Deposit cash in the cash desk at Halylk Bank branches

2. No fees for partial and full early repayment in the Homebank App

Set up Homebank

Register with Homebank and apply for a loan 5 minutes later

How to register for Homebank
Step 1 – Set up Homebank

Download Homebank app on your iPhone or Android smartphone

Step 2 – Registration

Tap "Registration", complete a video and take a photo of the ID

Step 3 – Login to Homebank

Done! + 5,000 products and services of the bank are available now online, pay no fee and get bonuses