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On Amendments to Corporate Card Tariffs


Dear customers,

As you requested, we carried out a certain work to improve the services and fee schedule for corporate cards effective on 20 August 2020:

  • the fee of 3,000 tenge for the first year of service for all types of corporate cards canceled;
  • the rates for cash withdrawal in tenge from SP corporate cards in the Bank's ATM network reduced from 0.35% to 0.3% of the amount;
  • the fees for cash withdrawal from corporate cards through the cash desks of the bank's branches changed from 0.1% to 0.5%, min 500 tenge;
  • from 24 august proprietors can to carry out card to card P2P transfers both within the Bank and to another bank cards in Onlinebank business mobile application, the cost of transfer within the Bank is 0 tenge, the cost of transfer to another bank cards of the Republic of Kazakhstan is fixed -200 tenge;
  • there is also a functionality in the Homebank application Transfers section to make transfers from a personal card of the Halyk bank client to the corporate card of a sole proprietor;
  • the subscription fee for SMS notifications reduced from 350 tenge to 200 tenge per month, you can activate SMS notifications at any Halyk Bank ATM;
  • fees on all other transactions via SMS notifications zeroed.

For all enquiries, please call the Contact center by short number 9595

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Sincerely yours,
JSC Halyk Bank