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New destination for money transfer KoronaPay ("GOLDEN CROWN") - MOROCCO


Dear customers,
We are happy to inform you that from now Morocco has become another country for money transfers available for the Golden Crown - Money Transfers service users!

Money transfers are only in euros;
The payout is in Moroccan dirhams;
Tariff - 1.5% of the transfer amount;
The maximum amount of one transfer is 7,000 euros (i.e. no more than 7,000 euros can be sent at a time),
The daily limit for the recipient is 7,000 euros (i.e. one recipient can receive no more than 7,000 euros).

We recommend recipients contacting the Bank call the system KoronaPay.
You can find the list of payout points here.
For questions on transfer receipt, please contact the partner's call center: +212 520 020 915

Sincerely yours,

JSC Halyk Bank