20% bonuses at Fantomas karaoke bar


Pay with Halyk Bank cards at Fantomas karaoke bar and get 20% bonuses.

The new karaoke bar Fantomas is located on the third floor of the Shattyk Holl restaurant complex.

Fantomas is the very character who hides his face under a mask. To realize his plans, he uses crafted masks and takes on the appearance of other people.

The staff at Fantomas Karaoke Bar invites you to experience this atmosphere and enjoy a variety of food and drinks.

The bar hosts themed parties every month. You can get a 50% discount card on all menus for the best and most creative costumes.

Bonuses awarded 

  • 20% bonuses for payments with Halyk Bank cards

Addresses and contacts:

3rd floor, Shattyk Holl Restaurant complex
26/1 Zhumabayev str., Nur-Sultan
Phone: +7 (775) 555-55-26, +7 (778) 000-0024

Bonus terms

  • Bonuses are awarded only when paying through Halyk Bank POS terminals on all Halyk Bank cards, except for corporate, gift cards, AltynPlus / AltynPlus UPI and cards for special accounts
  • Bonuses are not awarded when paying with bonuses