5% bonuses for purchase of a Four Angles constructor kit


Make purchase of Four Angles plastic constructor kit for children with Halyk Bank cards and get 5% bonuses.

Four Angles is a Kazakhstan brand producing toys of high quality and meeting international safety standards for children from 3 to 12 years old. One kit replaces 500 different toys, as it helps create up to 500 crafts, which perfectly develops projection thinking and fine motor skills of the child's hands. Children are gifted either a "diamond" or a "gold bar" with each kit.

Also, the Four Angles constructor is an exact copy of the Minecraft computer game, which is added with a constructor for children for variety.


Bonuses awarded 

  • 5% bonuses for purchases with Halyk Bank cards

Bonus terms

  • Bonuses are awarded for the purchases with Halyk Bank cards at Medicare MC, Medicer Kulsai MC and Medicare Emerald VA
  • Bonuses are only awarded when paying at Halyk Bank POS terminals on all Halyk Bank cards, except corporate and gift cards, AltynPlus / AltynPlus UPI and special accounts
  • When paying with bonuses, no bonuses are awarded

Addresses and contacts:

Unified Contact Center: +7 (777) 591-51-51


Instagram: @four_angles11

Facebook: Four Angles