Up to 5% bonuses in Nature Republic


Pay with Halyk Bank cards when purchasing natural products from Nature Republic and earn 5% bonuses.

Nature Republic appeared in South Korea in 2009 and very quickly gained popularity both in its homeland and abroad. Today Nature Republic is one of the most popular green brands. The Nature Republic products contain a large number of natural plant components, as well as the purest water extracted in various parts of our planet: from mountain springs of the Alps, Greenland glaciers and Polynesian lagoons, the Dead Sea, etc.

Bonuses awarded:

  • 3% bonuses on American Express cards
  • 5% bonuses of 100,000 tenge on American Express cards
  • 1% bonuses of 20,000 tenge to 50,000 tenge on all other cards
  • 2% bonuses of 50,000 tenge to 100,000 tenge on all other cards
  • 3% bonuses of 100,000 tenge on all other cards

Bonus terms

  • Bonuses are only awarded when paying at Halyk Bank POS terminals on all Halyk Bank cards, except corporate and gift cards, AltynPlus / AltynPlus UPI and special accounts
  • When paying with bonuses, no bonuses are awarded

Addresses and contacts:

  • SEC Dostyk Plaza, 1st floor, 111, mcd. Samal-2
  • SEC Mega 2, 1st floor, 263, Rozybakiyev str.

Contacts: +7 701 111-60-81, +7 707 193-66-39