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Voice Biometrics – an Additional Security Perimeter from Halyk Bank


Halyk Bank Contact Center has started using voice biometrics technology. This service allows confirming the identity of the customer by voice, without requesting the personal data. 

As part of the complex of Halyk Bank security measures, the voice biometrics allows to protect personal data from intruders. When third parties attempt to obtain the customer's personal data, and the speech does not correspond to the customer's unique voice, further consultation is terminated.

In addition, the time for authentication is reduced, since there is no need to confirm the identity via knowledge-based authentication, which makes it possible for the customers to obtain information or perform the necessary operation in a prompt manner. 

The system operates in a very simple way. When calling the Contact Center (7111) from a trusted number, the customer needs to request the creation of a voice print, as well as say the code word (the operator may ask additional clarifying questions). After a successful registration procedure, the system confirms that the voice print has been saved, the customer then receives an SMS notification.

Upon subsequent calls, the system again creates a voice model and compares it with the voice print. The result of the comparison appears on the operator's monitor. If the voice authentication is successful, the operator can provide the customer with the necessary information or perform operations at the request of the customer, without requesting for additional information.

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