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Information statement


Dear customer,

JSC Halyk Bank (the “Bank”) expresses to you its gratitude for fruitful cooperation and wishes prosperity of your Company. 

We are pleased to inform you that Bank has developed a service for automatic placement of the short-term deposit of legal entities. 

To connect to this service you need to open an account with the Bank, connect to the onlinebank and contact the Bank’s outlet to fill out and sign the n automatic deposit agreement. 

The service description:

Bank will place the time deposit in national currency automatically. 

The basic terms of automatic deposit: 

Type of Deposit
Time deposit in national currency
Account to be debited/credited
Current account set in the Annex 1 to the Agreement
Deposit amount
An amount of money on Current Account at the end of transaction day*
Deposit term
1 day**
Interest rate
Interest rate is established by the Bank when funds are debited to open Deposit and is indicated in the Bank Confirmation***

Other terms and conditions are determined in General terms of deposits

If you have any questions please contact the service branch or Bank’s Treasury Department. 


* Minimum amount of deposit is KZT2,000. The transaction day for accepting deposits currently ends at 05:00 p.m. Thereafter deposit amount will be equal to balance on your account at 05:00 p.m. In addition, in case of need of minimum required balance on the current account, you can fix the amount in the Annex 1 to the Agreement. 

** Deposits are made daily on weekdays. At the same time, if Deposit term expires on weekend or holiday, then Bank returns the Deposit and pays out interest on the next business day; interest is accrued for the actual Deposit term, including abovementioned weekends/holidays. 

*** Interest rate is equal to current terms of the deposit “Time deposit in national currency”.  

Sincerely yours,

JSC Halyk Bank